The Power of Print

By February 25, 2011Ad Executives Blog

I read an article today that was very compelling with a lot of parallels to newspaper…thought I’d share.

Below are some excerpts from the article with my comments.  The full story can be found at:

Will the Internet kill magazines?

Did instant coffee kill coffee?

“New technologies change man things.  But not everything.  You may surf, search, shop and blog online, but you still read magazines (and newspapers).  And you’re far from alone.”

“Readership has actually increased over the past five years. (as  it has in La Voz, Excelsior and La Prensa) Even the 18-34 segment continues to grow.” (we know that the Hispanic market is younger than the general market with more people in that target 18-34 zone)

“The explanation, while sometimes drowned out by the Internet drumbeat, is fairly obvious.”  “They create relationships.  They engage us in ways distinct from digital media. ”

It is true that the Internet has many users and is a great way to communicate.  But people will always want that tangible form of engagement.  Additionally, the attention span on the Internet is much shorter than someone who sits down to read their weekly/daily paper.  Newspaper is not dying and satellite did not replace radio…nor will Internet replace newspaper. It took a piece of the pie, but newspaper remains an effective way to reach consumers.

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