“Shoot When The Ducks Are Flying”

Advertisers / Agencies: We all know that the Hispanic market is booming. It’s the fastest growing, we have larger families and more children. We all know that this market is a considerable amount of the population in many areas.
That the readers of the newspapers I represent (and all over) are more likely to spend their money with businesses they know and trust. So the question is…how do you become a “trusted” brand?
After 12 years of working in this industry, I believe the answer is by speaking to the heart and to the head.
Make regular advertising messages available to readers (consistently) via media they consume in their daily lives which speaks to the heart. (Spanish language).
I am a bilingual person, but English was my first language. So feelings that are conveyed through advertising brands and messages reach my core in the English language. Same goes for our readers only the other way around. They live in a country where the language they are most comfortable in is a second language. It’s nice to relax and be entertained or informed in your own language and one is more likely to have their guard down and let your brand’s message in.

The other way is to “shoot while the ducks are flying”
There are certain holidays where readers are more engaged, celebrating with each other via events and large family gatherings. The media celebrates as well supplying history, information and coverage of festivals/events.
Fiestas Patrias is the celebration of Mexican Independence Day. Which, falls during Hispanic Heritage Month. This is a huge time of year to get your brand out there in a more grass roots way. Showing support for the community and promoting your brand during a time of increased awareness.

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