La Voz Arizona – Immigration News Increases Readership

By February 9, 2011Ad Executives Blog

We’ve all heard about the SB1070 Immigration issues Arizona has been facing.  Many (including myself) were afraid of the impact it would have on Hispanic print.  I found that the majority of advertisers wanted to stay out of it – not making a stand for or against it.  Just that “Arizona was not a target market at this time”.

The dust has settled and La Voz is healthy and strong.  We’ve found that any residents who were going to leave are gone.  Many of these people being migrant workers or very mobile groups.  Almost half of La Voz readers are homeowners.  Those who have kids born here in the USA or are married to someone here in the US.  Arizona is the place they call home and they’re here to stay.

In fact – readership of La Voz rose by 14%  in 2010.  New people picked up the paper to stay on top of the news and found they liked the paper and respond to the advertising.

2010 is looking good.  Advertisers are back, the initial scare has settled.  We don’t know the overall outcome of  the whole situation – but what we DO know is that the Hispanic market in Arizona is still strong – still a top 10 market and La Voz continues to be their print media of choice.

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