Get Grass Roots!

By January 30, 2013Ad Executives Blog

How does an advertiser go the extra mile to dig deep into the hearts of our readers?
One way is by getting grass roots. Many businesses do not have the feet on the street resources/people/team but there’s other ways to participate!

Have your sales exec create a turnkey, custom advertorial FSI for you to run during Hispanic Heritage Month. Use it as a guide on using your products, advertorial, product review, etc..

Sponsor the print guide of your local festival. It costs money to print out all those copies, newspapers are happy to share some of the burden for some of the spotlight!

Run a reader contest.payday loans If your budget is small, purchase a half page ad and use it for a reader contest.
It’s a benefit to the newspaper and to your brand!

Contact me and let’s brainstorm for more creative ideas to shed the Fiestas Patrias spotlight for AZ and CA Hispanic markets.