Double the Circulation? … that’s almost unheard of today…

By February 9, 2011Ad Executives Blog

For  La Prensa (Riverside/San Bernardino, CA)

Advertiser and reader demand has spoken and we have answered!

Currently increasing distribution from 65,000 copies to 105,000 copies per week.

Additionally, this increase has won “Print Media Innovator of the Year” from Portada Magazine!

This market is a must in 2011 media plans:

  • 6th largest Hispanic market in the USA
  • 44% Hispanic in population
  • Marked as having the highest increase in Hispanic population in the last decade
  • 1 out of every 5 Los Angeles Hispanics lives here

Today, it’s almost unheard of to practically double one’s circulation.  Especially right now.

La Prensa is fortunate enough to be in an area that’s huge and underserved by Hispanic media.
Our possibilities are endless and there’s no competition.  So we’ve stepped up to the plate!

105,000 copies per week  for 2011!

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