Are you missing HALF?

Everyone knows that Los Angeles DMA is the largest market for Hispanics.
There’s no arguing that and no one should.
I would like to argue targeting only Hispanic newspapers who are in LA County.
Advertisers are missing HALF of the Hispanic population in the LA DMA if they do.

LA has roughly 6 million Latinos.
Orange County and Inland Empire (Riverside/San Bernardino) together have roughly 2.8 million.
That’s almost HALF of the Hispanics who make up the Los Angeles DMA market who are living
in Orange County, Riverside County or San Bernardino County.

Are you missing HALF?
La Prensa Riv/SB and Excelsior Orange County are the leading papers for this area….
and have been for over 10 years. We saturate OC and Inland Empire.
We’re the go to source for local and national Spanish language news and information.

Additionally, the Hispanics in this market are not as over-exposed as LA County.
There’s more room to make an impact, and a less likely chance your message would be duplicated.

Get your HALF. Call Anita Grace today for more information. 763-792-3538.

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