About Us


Reach top Hispanic markets of the Southwest

Advertisers and Agencies: It’s no secret that good sales reps are hard to find. Tired of waiting for your quotes to be returned? Tired of asking multiple times for basic sales information?


Bilingual, experienced and knowledgeable, Anita Grace Ad Execs is retained directly by the media properties we represent.  We are their Hispanic Advertising Specialist.  Our unique relationship with each publication allows us to offer one contact for multiple solutions in multiple markets.

We work within print organizations, just like an employee, with access to the same resources departments and reporting to the same sales managers.  All billing and payments are direct between advertiser and publication, WITH NO MARK UPS!

There is no difference between working with us and working direct. In fact…working with us IS working direct.

We bring you the top, local Spanish language digital, social and print options for the Southwestern United States.
We are professional, prompt, flexible, courteous and bilingual… and with over 16 years of experience in Hispanic print sales, from mom and pop shops to large corporations, we have done it all!

Let us make your Hispanic print media buying experience quicker and easier!

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